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14th July 2024 
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Counselling and psychotherapy in Glasgow

I believe that each person is the expert in their own life, and brings within them the qualities they need to create the change they want.
We will create a safe, sensitive and supportive relationship, allowing you to trust yourself to be open to the best way forward for you.
If you want a better life for yourself, counselling works!

I am BACP Accredited, meaning that I am experienced and my practice meets the standard for a competent, ethical and independent practitioner.

Contact me on 07849 112 533 if you want an effective counsellor.

My counselling specialises in:

Relationship issues
Postnatal counselling
Weight loss

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Contact me on 07849112533 or for an initial session.



Client 1. You are the first counsellor who has ever helped.

Client 2."Working with you was one of the most important decisions I've ever made and delighted I did. I find myself in a really good place, happy, and with a number of the most important relationships in my life much healthier than at any time before. The hour we spent most weeks has been hugely important to me. I will always be grateful"

Client 3. "I spent some time discussing an addiction problem with Jenny, and I found it a very useful way to address my problem. Jenny is a very sensitive and thorough counsellor. She helped me think my way through a number of issues and I definitely understand myself better after the time spent in discussion with her... "

What we explore in counselling are patterns of behaviour, thoughts and feelings, that you notice repeating in your life. The relationship we create will be safe and non-judgemental. You can say what you want to say, be open about your anxieties, and when you speak them out loud, they often change. Clients report that they begin to understand their life in a different way, and find a meaning in it, which makes sense to them. This then brings more confidence, improves relationships and stability.

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What is Counselling?

Counselling is a 'talking therapy' that aims to provide you with a safe, confidential space in which to explore your feelings and thoughts about the issues you want to resolve.

It cannot change other people or the circumstances you live in, but it can help you to change yourself.
By becoming clearer and more confident about what you want, you get better at taking steps to alter external circumstances or improve relationships.

It is my role to help you feel safe enough to explore your issues, and support you as you gain more insight and understanding into areas that are difficult to resolve.
We will work together on the changes that could bring you a more rewarding and fulfilling life.