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14th July 2024 

What Benefits might you get, and How We Work Together

What benefits might you get from counselling?

Everyone is different,
but counselling often brings improvements of:

Being more relaxed and having better relationships.
Being more confident and in control of your own life.
Taking up opportunities and using your talents.
Sleeping better and having more energy.

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How we work together in a counselling session

You as a client and as I as a counsellor,
We clarify what you came to counselling to achieve.
We develop an honest and therapeutic relationship
which helps you explore what is going on in your life.

You set the topic and the pace.
I listen with interest, and acceptance.

We are more alike than we are different.
I will not judge, label or analyse you.
To me, you are not a syndrome,
you are a person dealing with a set of circumstances
as best you can in this moment.

We will work sensitively, at your pace.

Our therapeutic relationship will be a safe "container" to:

To become aware of and comfortable with, parts of yourself that you have had difficulty accepting.
To realise which thoughts and feelings have been controlling and limiting you, and to become more able to choose how you want to experience life.

When things seem to be out of your control, as with eating disorders, hair loss, weight issues and addictions, it often happens that once you are able to accept and be on good terms with all parts of yourself, your previous problems begin to dominate your life less and less.